Coming to Île à vache it is not just a relaxing experience but a great opportunity to  know Haiti and it's culture: rich, diverse and warm people ready to help you at any moment. Though you have to prepare yourself and understand a little bit of it to get the best of this experience. In the future we will post here some links to help you in this process.




Île à Vache was originally claimed by the Spanish Empire as part of Hispaniola, the first landing site of Christopher Columbus in 1492, and for the next two centuries it was known by its Spanish name, Isla Vaca. In 1697 the island of Hispaniola was formally divided between Spain and France in the Treaty of Ryswick which ended the Nine Years War. France assumed control of the western half of the island, Haiti, and Isla Vaca took on its current name, Île à Vache. In 1863, during the American Civil War, the island's owner Bernard Kock offered to resettle freed black slaves from the United States. Despite support from President Abraham Lincoln, funding never materialized, and the first attempt to set up the colony failed in a matter of months.©wikipedia
We will prepare for you a list with some of the many things you could do while at île à vache:
Rent a "bato peyi" to Visit "l'île des Amoureux", or experience a day fishing with the locals!
Visit Madame Bernard and it's traditional market
Practice some Scuba diving..
Walk around to discover the island beautiful houses.





We just built the house and will try to learn how to make your stay more and more confortable, day by day.  The Anse Dufour beach was called like that because it was here where our great-grandmother lived and  built one big oven to cook bread for the people of Île à Vache.
We built it for our own use, but unfortuntly we are not there all the time.
So you with your stay you will help us to be back once in a while. Right now it is our family the ones taking care of it and taking care of you.

If you are looking for a lodgement, a guesthouse, a hotel or bungalow...a place to stay and sleep for 1 day or one month..just contact us and.
Enjoy it!!



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